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At Novia Media, we aim to create websites that are tailored to fit our clients specific needs. As such, building templates feels like a dated method of showcasing our services. Instead, we plan to provide suggestions for the latest popular features. Each industry has a unique set of tools required for their websites, and we're constantly searching for the new and best ways to implement them. Keep checking back for the newest features the web has to offer!


For restaurants, the industry has seen significant changes. The number of customers allowed in venues has been reduced, the need for delivery services has increased, and no longer can businesses get by with a slow and dated website.

Our latest recommendation is adding a QR code within your restaurant that customers can scan with the cameras on their smartphones to view the menu. This provides easy access to contactless menus, allowing you to save laminated copies for specific scenarios. It also sends more traffic to your website, providing more visibility to the content you want your customers to see.

How It Works

Getting started is simple. There are many free websites that allow you to generate the QR code, all you need is the URL for your website or social media page. Once you have the code set up and tested, you can print it out and place it somewhere visible and easy to access within your restaurant.

Why You May Need This

Easy access to contactless menus

Generates traffic to your website or social media

Less cleaning of menus for your employees

What You Need to Know

It's in your best interests to learn about the features contained within your site. Sometimes these features can do much more than is common knowledge. With QR codes, this is certainly the case. The following infographics from Mobile Iron from will help you to understand a little more about QR codes. This knowledge will help to keep you, and your customers, safe will using your site.