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Here at Novia Media, we enjoy testing out new ideas and strategies to help refine our direction. Through our previous interactions, we’ve realized that many clients are seeking more than a ‘one-and-done’ transaction. To be more specific, upon completion of a website build or redesign, there are often many pieces remaining in order to solidify a brand image or marketing strategy. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic, while entirely unexpected, forced businesses to rethink their operations and accelerated the adoption of new digital tools. Businesses of all sizes struggled with the unexpected hurdles, however, the ones with the most successful transitions were also those that had begun taking steps towards this shift pre-pandemic. Many of these businesses are now realizing that these changes are here to stay, and even more have plenty of catching up to do.

This is where we come in. Our mission is to provide technology assistance to anyone in need, whether it's a business, a freelancer, or even an individual or family. It’s futile to resist using the tools that now run many of our daily lives. Instead, we like to view technology as just that, a tool. Like a chef treasures their knives, we also treasure the tech that we work with daily. Our intention is to help you find some of that joy while using technology, or at the very least, to help you avoid hating every minute of it. Many of us have busy schedules, and that is only exacerbated when you’re a business owner. Instead, why not hire us as your personal and portable tech department and consult with us in times of need.



For those searching for a website that will only require a basic level of maintenance after its completion.

Minimum $250 deposit*

Revisions for an additional fee

Blogs & Stores for an additional fee

Access to Technical Support & Coaching

Access to our Discord


For those searching for someone to handle everything for the website, including any blogs and stores, and/or to manage all social media accounts.

Minimum $500 deposit*

Minimum $100 monthly fee**

ASAP revisions

Personal Technical Support & Coaching

Access to our Discord

* The deposit must be received before any work will commence. Any additional fees will be included in the final bill.

** The monthly fee begins upon the project's completion. You are free to choose the date for the payments.

Our Process

The initial meeting consists of what we like to refer to as the "discovery process". The aim of this meeting is to identify the project needs, the scope of the work required, and to establish the foundations of the art direction. Like a good chef tastes their food throughout the cooking proceess, we like to gather feedback throughout the design process. Asking these questions in the beginning leads to a more refined final result.

After the intial meeting and the project quote, comes the prototype. During this stage, we create a wireframe of the website. This will help to identify the flow of the site, and the direction to guide the user. By highlighting the areas of importance early, we can address any issues and accessibilty needs with greater ease and prevent unnecessary revisions.

With the planning now behind us, construction can begin. The site builds consist of three main phases: the initial setup, the testing stage, and then final revisions. During the first two phases we will provide an opportunity to meet in order to discuss the direction, however, any major changes at this point may incur some additional charges.

Finally, upon completion of the site, we will prepare a document with information important to the site. This includes a step-by-step guide to making basic changes, all of the necessary login information, and the options for future maintenance. All of our packages come with basic site maintenance for the first six months. We understand that websites are an ever-evolving product, and we want to ensure that we got things right. Any major changes will come at a discounted rate, which will be discussed in the quote.